2016 and Beyond

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We're changing the way we think about raising animals to look beyond their physical needs while elevating poultry welfare at every step. At the same time, we're going to build closer relationships with the farmers who raise our chickens.

To get there, we're implementing a Four-Part Plan to accelerate our progress in poultry:

  1. Based on the Five Freedoms, Perdue will evaluate and implement production systems specifically designed to go beyond just the 'needs' of our chickens to also include what our chickens 'want.'
  2. Perdue will re-commit to transforming our relationship with the farmers who raise our animals. We will listen and communicate effectively, evaluate our pay structures to incent best practices, and consider their well-being when implementing production systems.
  3. We will be transparent in our programs, goals, and progress in order to build lasting trust and relationships with our stakeholders.
  4. Raising animals should be a journey of continuous improvement. We will continue to build an Animal Care Culture within Perdue.

We invite you to learn more about each of these steps, including Where We Are and Where We're Going in charting our poultry care advancements against the Five Freedoms. You'll find all the details in our "Perdue Commitments to Animal Care: 2016 and Beyond" report.

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